Inside Sierra Leone's first tech hub

12th July 2016

During a recent visit to Freetown AGI’s CEO, Nick Thompson, got to look inside Sierra Leone's first innovation tech hub. Set up almost a year ago, Sensi Tech Hub aims to help Sierra Leoneans gain the skills and experience they need to become tech entrepreneurs.

Sensi's founder, Morris Marah, showed Nick around the open-plan learning and working space, where people come to learn to code, build apps, and develop business plans. 

This relatively new initiative grew out of an Ebola response messaging service, which sent people important updates on curfews, disease outbreaks and recovery efforts through text. 

Reflecting on this, Nick Thompson said:

“I was here in Freetown as the country was declared Ebola free in November 2015, and it’s fantastic to be back now and to see another inspiring way in which Sierra Leone is moving on. These young people, the businesses they'll start, and the skills they will learn are the sign of Sierra Leone's bright future."

Nick Thompson and Morris Marah (2nd and 3rd from left) with AGI's Sierra Leone team at the Sensi tech labi